Article sur les Universités d’Entreprise (Publication scientifique dans Revue Gestion)


Nous avons analysé la pertinence d’investir dans une université d’entreprise pour la Revue Gestion.  Nous proposons des types d’universités d’entreprises et quelques critères pour prendre une décision éclairée dans le choix d’investir ou non pour le développement d’une université d’entreprise.


Faut-il investir dans une université corporative?


Louis Rhéaume, ValorsisAction, (division de  G4 SOLUTIONS), École de Technologie Supérieure and Jean-Michel Viola, Rennes School of Business,

January 2004, Revue Gestion  29(1):67, DOI:10.3917/riges.291.0067



Should We Invest in Corporate Universities? This article has two objectives: to outline the reasons for investing in a corporate university and to define the options available to managers entrusted with the task of establishing one.


Based on our analysis of the main engines of a knowledge-based economy, we identify the consequences for organizations: greater dependence on knowledge-based strategies and thus the necessity to manage this knowledge systematically.


More specifically, we focus on the relationship between knowledge and strategic advantage, demonstrating how corporate universities can serve as training and mobilization tools for a corporate curriculum. We then explore the various kinds of corporate universities, specifying the nature of the choices to be made. The article ends with an examination of the future prospects for these tools.


Louis Rhéaume



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