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Nous avons étudié les défis de l’adoption de l’innovation ouverte pour les organisations avec une université d’entreprise dans la revue Journal of Workplace Learning.

The challenges facing corporate universities in dealing with open innovation

Louis Rhéaume (ValorisAction, division de G4 SOLUTIONS) et Mickaël Gardoni (ÉTS),


Journal of Workplace Learning

Emerald Group Publishing Limited




This paper aims to illustrate the quick rise in the popularity of corporate universities since the 1990s. Because knowledge management is becoming imperative to the survival and growth of firms in most industries, better management of corporate universities is becoming more and more critical. The purpose of this paper is to analyze three objectives: Why invest in corporate universities? Which model to adopt? And what are the key challenges facing corporate universities in dealing with the adoption of an open innovation approach?


The article provides a general review of corporate universities dealing with open innovation by using a creative synthesis.


This paper analyzes the challenges involved in the development of corporate universities and examines how they can deal with open innovation. While few corporate universities have a real strategic role, several initiatives have failed or have been seriously compromised. To create competitive advantages through a corporate university, upper management must dedicate significant resources and have a plan for building the corporate curriculum in order to deal with innovation management.

Research limitations/implications

Due to the lack of scientific articles on the topic, most of the published articles made by practitioners were used. Further studies are needed to test the recommendations and models.

Practical implications

This paper identifies some development models and growth avenues for corporate universities. It helps provide an understanding of the challenges associated with open innovation as well as their limits.


It is among the first papers to link the development of corporate universities with the open innovation approach. It also provides practical advice for managers and academics.



Rhéaume, L. and Gardoni, M. (2015), “The challenges facing corporate universities in dealing with open innovation,” Journal of Workplace Learning, Vol. 27 No. 4, pp. 315-328.


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