Article en Stratégie pour ValorisAction (SCIREA Journal of Management)


Nous avons analysé des facteurs de succès des firmes en démarrage qui atteignent une taille moyenne dans la revue SCIREA Journal of Management.  Nous approfondissons les concepts de « Leader émergent » et d’apprentissage entrepreneurial chez les firmes en croissance dans le secteur multimédia-TI au Québec.


The difficult path of startups towards becoming middle-size firms: the case of entrepreneurial learning in Québec’s multimedia-IT firms.

March 2018

Revue SCIREA Journal of Management, Volume 2, Numéro 1, Pages 1-27

Louis Rhéaume, ValorisAction (division de G4 SOLUTIONS), École de Technologie Supérieure and Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay, TÉLUQ, Université du Québec, Canada



SMEs and their growth are critical to the prosperity of economies around the world and our research tried to determine the factors which explain the growth of these firms. Our research questions are the following: How is it possible to develop more middle-size firms in the Québec MM-IT sector? And how can the competitiveness of Québec’s startup MM-IT sector be improved? We provide a SWOT analysis of the measures to improve the competitiveness of Québec’s MM-IT sector in order to support growth of SMEs.

We wanted a global perspective of Multimedia-Information Technologies Québec’s startup multimedia-IT ecosystem, so we also interviewed some large firms, support organizations, governmental officials and professional organizations. On the basis of a literature review of relevant reports on Québec entrepreneurship and innovation and key relevant scientific papers, we drew up an interview guide and conducted 30 semi-directed interviews. We then made a thematic analysis and a synthesis of the results, underlining the most important quotes on each theme and research question.

Based on a literary review of academic and professional studies combined with analysis of interviews with 30 actors, we suggest nine main implications for policy and practice.

Keywords: startup, SME, middle-size firms, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial learning, innovation, multimedia, IT, sectors, competitiveness, Québec